Everything is photographed by me, Lucy Andrews.
I have a passion for street art and feel obliged to document the art I see along my travels as it is on the street one day but can disappear the next.
"Nothing is ever the same as they said it was. It's what I've never seen before that I recognise"

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Jimi Hendrix street art. 

Jimi Hendrix street art photographed in Kunming, China. 

Artist unknown. 

(June 2014)

Banksy Street art, mild mild west. Bristol.
Old Banksy located outside the Canteen in Stokes Croft.
It was defected in 2009 with red paint but was restored by a group called Appropriate Media
(photographed on Stokes Croft, Bristol February 2014)
Nelson Mandela Street Art, Bristol.
Felix Braun and Jake Dones (who are part of the Paintsmiths of Bristol) created this memorial mural of Nelson Mandela.

Photographed on Jamaica Street, Bristol February 2014)
Breakdancing Jesus, Stokes Croft Street Art - Cosmo Sarson. 

London artist, Cosmo Sarson used one kilo of glitter to create his breakdancing Jesus mural in July 2013. He was inspired from the event at the Vatican in 2004, when break dancers performed for Pope John Paul II.

(Photographed outside the Canteen in Stokes Croft, Bristol February 2014)

Banksy - Naked man hanging from window.
Painted in 2006, Bristol city council decided to keep this piece after overwhelming support from the public.  However recent reports on Banksy admitting he was a Bristol City fan (home colours red) which then their arch rival team, Bristol Rovers (home colours blue) fans decided to paintball his work in blue paint.  As you can see the council tried to remove some of the paint.
(Photographed on Park Street, Bristol February 2014)
Stinkfish street art mural in Bristol.
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Photographed on Stokes Croft, Bristol (February 2014)
Stik Street art in Bristol.  
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Photographed on Quay Street, Bristol February 2014
Banksy street art, rose mousetrap.
I photographed this early 2000’s Banksy now protected by a glass frame, which the nearby residents clubbed together to preserve. However as you can see someone had painted over the glass with white paint.
You can see an unprotected, less faded picture here 
(Photographed on Thomas St North Street off of Femantle square, Bristol February 2014) 
Snub23 street art.
Snub23 paints an old white van back to life.
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(Photographed on Trafalgar Lane, Brighton)
Zabou street art.
Zabou is a female french street artist living in London.  She has featured on my blog before, check it out here
(Photographed on Great Eastern street, London)
Queen Elizabeth Street art.
A bizarre paste up of a young Queen Elizabeth II holding a source magazine featuring David Dickinson.
(Photographed off Brick Lane December 2013)
Muhammad Ali Street art.
(Photographed on Blackall street, East London. December 2013)
Street art by Zabou ”Less cleaning more street art”
Zabou is a talented French female street artist who moved to London to complete her master degree in visual arts. In addition of being a street artist she is also a graphic designer and illustrator.
(Photographed on Hanbury street December 2013)
Street art - Vinz
Street artist Vinz paints his trademark bird head on a naked body with a controversial Texaco slogan.
Click  here to view more of his work.
(Photographed off of Brick lane November 2013)
Guy Denning street art.
Painted by the very talented Guy Denning 
(Photographed on Hanbury Street, East London November 2013)
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